Founding Story

Alexander Gysel and Andreas Roth are connected by an aspiration for technologically and aesthetically outstanding creations.

It was at a time when the internet was predominantly considered as a technical medium rather than a potential brand experience and meeting platform. Realising the potential, they set out to change this and founded the agency gyselroth™ in the year 2000.

A slow but constant growth and a continuous expansion of services regarding branding and technology as well as the adherence to an interdisciplinary work culture brought the particular projects to success. Various awards underline and confirm the constructive approach of the agency.

The two founders are always personally involved in all the projects and appreciate the trustful professional exchange with their clients. gyselroth™ always focuses on sustainable solutions and is proud to have been supporting and looking after different clients since the time of its foundation.

profil alexander gysel andreas roth
gyselroth™ employs over 25 people and is considered a valuable partner for companies from various sectors with a demand for an effective and unique brand experience in an increasingly digitalised world.
profil team sandro aebischer
Sandro Aebischer
profil team dana badulescu
Dana Badulescu
profil team lucas bornhauser
Lucas Bornhauser
Developer Trainee
profil team yasmin cilasin
Yasmin Cilasin
Designer Trainee
profil team asa froelander
Åsa Frölander
Brand Designer
profil team alexander gysel
Alexander Gysel
Technology Director
profil team madleina huwyler
Madleina Huwyler
Content Editor
profil team christina joller
Christina Joller
UX Designer
profil team fabian jucker
Fabian Jucker
System Engineer
profil team daniel kleeb
Daniel Kleeb
profil team ewald kleefstra
Ewald Kleefstra
profil team dominic kleiner
Dominic Kleiner
System Engineer Trainee
profil team thomas kleinhenz
Thomas Kleinhenz
Senior Developer
profil team laura kohli
Laura Kohli
Frontend Engineer
profil team franz ferdinand
Franz-Ferdinand Lehnert
Senior Developer
profil team luca marra
Luca Marra
Developer Trainee
profil team karin mehmann
Karin Mehmann
Accounting & Human Resources
profil team michael meier
Michael Meier
Frontend Engineer
profil team philippe nahlik
Philippe Nahlik
Head of Development
profil team timo nigg
Timo Nigg
Developer Trainee
profil team mathias nothiger
Mathias Nöthiger
Consultant Digital Branding
profil team giuseppe pizzolotto
Giuseppe Pizzolotto
profil team andreas roth
Andreas Roth
Creative Director
profil team raffael sahli
Raffael Sahli
Head of Engineering
profil team noemi schmid
Noemi Schmid
Brand Consultant
profil team christoph schneider
Christoph Schneider
UX Designer
profil team simon sharp
Simon Sharp
Frontend Engineer
profil team kay stenschke
Kay Stenschke
Lead Developer
profil team gabriel wehrli
Gabriel Wehrli
System Engineer
profil team raul zellweger
Raul Zellweger
System Engineer Trainee
profil team jan zimmermann
Jan Zimmermann
Frontend Engineer


Connecting methods from the professional fields of design, branding and technology is the fundamental idea of gyselroth™.

We are the perfect partner for ambitious businesses regarding comprehensive and individual solutions between the priorities of brand and technology.

Design Aspiration

Design «Made in Switzerland» is considered to be timeless, precise and user-friendly. We create a distinct design that serves a clear purpose. A brand-specific style that conveys trust and reliability. Our aspiration in every project.


Since the foundation in 2000 we have been a reliable and lasting partner for our clients. Our thinking and actions are always long-term, because our results focus on a maximum lifespan rather than short-lived trends.


We are proud to have been supporting the «Festival da Jazz St. Moritz» as a sponsor since 2008. The highest situated club jazz festival has developed into a pearl of the jazz scene.

Ecological Responsibility

100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources. Our cars run on electricity and we promote commuting by bicycle and public transport. That’s what we stand for.